Our expert team ensures adherence to all regulatory requirements, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

Smoke Alarms

New legislation came into effect from 1 January 2022 whereby all owners must install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties.

These smoke alarms must also be tested and cleaned as well as replace any flat or nearly flat batteries within 30 days before the start of a tenancy.

Rest assured we have specialist services that look after our clients properties for a flat annual fee and take the worry out of smoke alarm compliance and servicing.

First National Moreton have partnered with Director Inspector, a provider of Safety Compliance Solutions trusted by property managers, landlords and home owners across Australia.

Pools & Spas

Pool owners must have a pool safety certificate issued by a licensed pool safety inspector, and a copy of the certificate should be included with the tenancy agreement.

Your pool safety certificate is valid for 2 years, at which time a new certificate must be provided for the property.

Rest assured our system tracks the pool compliance for all of the properties we look after, ensuring that every property is adequately covered.



Safety Switch

Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (the Act), property owners must ensure that the property is not in breach of any health and safety laws, including the Electrical Safety Act 2002, at the start of the tenancy.

They must also continue to maintain the property and any inclusions, as well as undertake any necessary repairs in a timely manner to protect the safety of their tenants and investments.

First National Moreton have partnered with Director Inspector who inspect our homes prior to the start of a tenancy to ensure the properties we look after meet the safety requirements.


There are set requirements around charging a tenant for water consumption.

In most cases as long as the property is water efficient and the tenancy agreement states that the tenant will be charged for water consumption, these costs can be passed on. However costs cannot be passed on if the property is not individually metered.

We invoice the usage charge where applicable to the tenants, and seek reimbursement at no additional charge for our clients.




The Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety Act) 2004 (the Act) requires that a person who installs all or part of a gas system (a Gas Work Licence or Authorisation holder) must give the owner and the supplier a gas system compliance certificate and, if prescribed, attach a gas system compliance plate.

These are provided on the hand over of a new construction or the install of a new gas system. However if one is needed, we can appoint a plumber/gas fitter to attend the property and provide this for you.